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P&V Group

We had a complex task ahead of us: migrating and upgrading to a higher version of our existing MuleSoft services, including code reviews and unit-testing. Dots & Arrows played a valuable role in this process and proved to be a reliable partner.

About the team

“What we noticed as a real value in working with Dots & Arrows is the strong expertise on MuleSoft. Their developers are skilled and we worked together in close collaboration to ensure the migration went smoothly and met our needs. Another positive aspect of the collaboration was the thoroughness of their work. They performed thorough code reviews and paid attention to unit testing, which contributes to the quality of the migrations.”

About the communication

“The team at Dots & Arrows is always available to answer our questions and address any issues. Their professional attitude and communication are good, and we feel confident that we can count on them.”

In short

“In short, we can recommend Dots & Arrows to companies looking for MuleSoft experts for migration and integration projects. Their commitment to quality, technical knowledge and a professional approach make them a valuable partner.”

Developers using detailed design at their clients
Wim Nauwelaerts, P&V Groep

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